The history of SAK goes back more than 35 years of collective experience in the real estate development market; being a family business, generations have passed on years of hard work, market knowledge and a smashing record of success locally and regionally.

We have excelled in designing and creating residential and commercial projects in the delta region of Egypt.

Our experts have given consultancy and worked as main contractors on mega projects for the Egyptian government and the Arab Contractors to name a few.

Throughout the years, our experts have mastered the art of identifying the market needs and catering to it in the most functional, efficient and quality oriented approaches.

The amount of loyal and happy clients that we had the honor of serving was truly humbling and gratifying. SAK was established in January 2018 with the purpose of bringing together the genius calibers that have collaborated in affiliation for long.

We have finally created a professional umbrella that combines the many years of experience that the first generation has amassed alongside the creativity and out-of-the-box techniques of the second generation.

In continuation of our journey, we have decided to take our business to the next level by venturing into the Capital, a prospect that holds great potential and opportunity which we are certain will be a success even bigger than all of our past projects.

We put our faith in our expertise, capable staff members that have always supported and contributed to our success, our clients’ trust and loyalty to our brand and a commitment to quality that defines SAK Development.