City Edge Developments is Egypt’s National leading real estate developer and development manager. The company established between New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and Housing and Development Bank (HDB).

City Edge Developments develops and manages the development of high-end real estate projects. In addition to a diversified land bank for third–party accounts containing indirect real estate holdings under their management that span a range of investments across all asset classes including residential, hospitality, retail, office and education.




Sheikh Zayed City is located near The Pyramids and The New Egyptian Museum, and 28 kilometers away from the heart of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Known as one of the finest urban cities, the city brings a popular administrative, commercial, health and educational investment. The city, which includes a large number of residential complexes, most of which are luxurious neighborhoods, provide housing units that vary in type, area and price.




New Mansoura City, the new capital of the Delta, is a cultivating new ideology to the Mediterranean coast covering a total area of 7,100 feddans with an expected population of almost 700,000 people. As a new tech generation city with thought out infrastructure and full-fledged facilities the Delta will be seen in another light.



The New Alamein City, taking up more than 48,000 feddans of land will change our perception of the North Coast experience from a temporary visiting spot to an all-year round destination. The fourth-generation, self-sustainable city will beat to a modern rhythm suitable for aspiring individuals to live a well-balanced life with its parks, schools, universities, hospitals, commercial and retail areas. The city is planned to accommodate more than 3 million people by 2030.




The full-fledged city rising from the ground will cover an area of 170,000 feddans split into 21 residential districts and 25 dedicated districts, that are built with an infrastructure that is up to the standards of our current times and the future ahead. This new city, equipped with an international airport, parks, an electric train, medical facilities, schools and colleges, will be home to 15 million people.